Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

IBJJF official rule book 

(the Nai Harn Kumite uses IBJJF ruling & a certified IBJJF referee)

No-Gi Grappling:

Skill Levels:

Beginner: Under 2 years
Intermediate: 2 years to 4 years
Advanced: More than 4 years

4 Minute matches

Weight Divisions:


No-Gi Point System:
(All positions must be held for 3 full seconds. It is good strategy to count to five before making a transition to a new position.)
Takedown: Opponent must land on back or butt and you must maintain top control for 3 seconds: 2 points
Sweep or Reversal: Must initiate reversal from Guard and maintain TOP position for 3 seconds: 2 points
Passing Opponent’s Guard: Must have all arms and legs cleared from opponents guard/legs for 3 seconds: 3 points
Mount: Both knees and feet must be on ground with opponents leg cleared from your body for 3 seconds: 4 points
Back Control w/ Both Hooks Inside: Figure four does not count as points. Hooks in for 3 seconds: 4 points

No-Gi Illegal Techniques:

No Leg Locks EXCEPT Straight Ankle Lock. No Neck or Cervical cranks, wrist locks, slamming or slicers.
No Twisting Leg locks. No heel hooks.

Ways to win:

1) Causing your opponent to physically or verbally “tap out” or quit by using a
technique within the guidelines of the rules in each set division. (All competitors must be aware of
dangerous techniques and know how to “tap out”.)

2) Highest score at end of regulation time period or

3) Referee Stoppage

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